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We create high quality, well-located projects to generate superior performance for our investors and stakeholders by creating places that enhance people’s lives and businesses.

Our Values


Always act with integrity, transparency, honesty, and respect – combining our credibility, and experience – to operate in the best interests of those who have instilled their trust in us.


Demonstrate responsiveness, adaptability and accountability, both internally and externally, to grow and develop a diverse property portfolio that answers the needs of a changing society.


Be agile, driven and passionate about solutions-focused opportunities that will encourage us to embrace new ideas, challenge our thinking, and do things differently.


Readily perform beyond expectations, by working together and focusing on sustainable, relevant and customer-centric outcomes to achieve success and set us above the rest.

Our Vision

We are driven to be recognised nationally as a creator of diverse sustainable places that are forward thinking customer focused and offer excellence in innovation and ingenuity.

Our Strategic Pillars

With each step forward, our development and direction is underpinned by four strategic pillars


Our aim is to achieve growth in asset and business values by building a real estate portfolio which is geographically and sectoral diverse and provides superior returns.

Product Innovation

Our aim is to maximize value through effective land and asset usage across our portfolio by focusing on continuous product innovation to targeted markets.


Our culture is integral to our success. Our aim is to build an agile innovative and high-performance team. Our people, and our business partners are instrumental in accomplishing our business goals.


Our brand is our identity, it represents who we are and what we stand for. Our aim is to build brand awareness and recognition as a strong industry player, a future focused diverse property group, with a solid reputation for consistent performance and delivering on our brand promise. To differentiate and build valuable long-term brand equity.

Our Brand Pillars

AVID Property Group is built upon four key brand pillars, which underpin our success


Forward thinking
 and progressive, AVID keenly seeks out and embraces new technology and thinking that will help us provide for the future, and deliver consistently high service to all.


We meet the demands of the present without compromising the needs of future generations, by carefully balancing financial, economic, social and environmental factors and leaving a legacy we can all be proud of.


By encouraging breakthrough thinking
 and innovative problem solving
, we can create truly distinctive spaces, that look beyond the immediate to deliver vibrant and dynamic results.

Customer First

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and understanding their needs and desires is our top priority. And we answer those needs through collaborative partnerships and client engagement to ensure the expectations are not only met but exceeded.