Customers make our business

Our customers will ultimately judge the success of AVID’s business approach. These are the people who make potentially the largest investment of their life when they choose to settle in an AVID community.

Our customers may be home buyers looking for a family home, an investor seeking to set up for their future, a retailer wanting to establish premises within an AVID community or someone heading to work in an AVID-designed and built commercial space.

Our customers all have their individual stories. By continually seeking to understand our customers’ needs and the barriers they must overcome in order to realise their dreams, AVID establishes relationships, which are enjoyable, successful, profitable and sustainable for all.

With you all the way home

Good relationships only develop where there is trust and good communication.

In an age where technology is ever popular, AVID has taken the opportunity to combine the efficiency and effectiveness of digital tools with the understanding that only comes from actually speaking with another person.

AvidConnect is how our team and our customers get close. AvidConnect is our purpose-built communication platform which connects our people with our customers. It’s two-way, it’s real time and it supports our customers at every step of their buying journey. In fact, every customer on AvidConnect has a direct line to our National Customer Service Manager. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

You can use AvidConnect to explore or buy our land and apartment projects but you can also do so much more, like choose a home design, get tips on garden design or interior decorating.

And of course, customers can give
us feedback, which provides insight that is quite simply invaluable.