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AVID Property Group’s residential communities are designed to be sustainable, accessible and affordable, with a mix of land, house and land and completed homes that fit the needs of Australian families.

Pillars of Sustainability

To build on our principles, we have carefully selected key areas to focus our energy: affordability, place making and infrastructure. We believe we have the ability, knowledge and insight to provide industry leadership in these areas.

To do this, we have devised a five year plan, which specifies key tasks to optimise opportunity and deliver broad-scale excellence for our business. Our plan is ever-evolving, enabling us to continually improve, adjust and progress toward award-winning, vibrant residential neighbourhoods and industrial precincts.


Place Making

AVID Property Group creates the places where people most want to belong. For us, place making is about enabling community activity and integration.



For AVID Property Group, affordability is about insight; about knowing our customers, understanding their financial pressures, and working with them towards proactive solutions.



We deliver resilient living and business solutions. We seek to minimise the environmental impact of our developments, and enable future-proof solutions for our customers.

Our Publications, Reports & Video

To learn more about AVID Property Group’s approach to Sustainability, download our reports

For AVID Property Group, sustainability is about making smarter choices. We see the next five years as a ripe opportunity to build upon our collective experience, optimise our ability to work collaboratively, and authentically integrate sustainability into everything we do.