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Our Strategic Focus

In 2014, AVID Property Group embarked on an exciting journey to define what sustainability means to us, and to authentically embed it into every aspect of our business. For us, sustainability is about leadership, looking forward, inspiring our people, and optimising our development outcomes. This year, we have composed our first Sustainability Strategy, to set the goalposts for 2020, while bedding down our company vision, mission, values, and brand position.

The entire AVID Property Group team worked together to co-define our direction, and plan how we should deliver our targets. Our ambitious strategy has integrated the contributions from every member of our team. Together we composed a set of principles, each targeting social, environmental, economic and governance issues. These principles provide the high level structure to define our approach to development.


Place Making

More than 70% of our residential customers are owner occupiers and we know they are making a choice to build their family home in an AVID Property Group development. For us, place making is about creating places where neighbours want to belong. This year we are focussing on working collaboratively on every active project to determine opportunities to connect neighbour to neighbour.

This year we will develop a set of Public Domain Guidelines, to clearly define our expectations of open space, community development, public art and streetscape design.



We deliver resilient living and business solutions. We seek to minimise the environmental impact of our developments, and enable future-proof solutions for our customers. For AVID Property Group, it’s about working with service providers, to ensure our residential and industrial developments are adaptable for longevity.

AVID Property Group currently has $251.7 million committed in infrastructure provision, incorporating amenities, services and
delivery of open space and parklands.



More than 25% of our residential customers are first home buyers, and that finance is their primary concern. Indeed, finance is often the first consumer element to be addressed, prior to considering location, when purchasing or building a new home.

Our focus is on defining our measures of affordability. We will continue to conduct customer research to establish clear measurable targets for our national development asset base with regard to value and affordability.