The Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Management Team of AVID Property Group comprise some of the nation’s most experienced and innovative leaders across real estate development; business management; property and asset management; project financing and development; legal, risk, audit; and project sales and marketing future opportunities.

In 2016, AVID Property Group entered into a new ownership and funding arrangement with Proprium Capital Partners, a global private equity business. The strength of Proprium’s financial commitment will allow AVID Property Group to energetically pursue our growth and diversification strategy over the next five to ten years.

AVID’s Leadership Team is the soul of the business; a group of talented, experienced and energetic people who are bringing our vision to life.

As CEO of AVID Property Group, Cameron leads the team with a focus on market growth, shareholder return, customer satisfaction and project excellence.

Drawing on qualifications in town planning, commerce, land economics and real estate, Cameron has more than 20 years’ project delivery experience.

Blending experience, energy, thoughtfulness, insight and innovation, the AVID leadership team is a group of exceptional individuals who are passionate about what they do.

Our Leadership Team

"Authenticity, innovation, versatility and dedication are the cornerstones of everything we do."

Cameron Holt, CEO

Culture Shows Our Brand Promise In Action

AVID Property Group genuinely does live to express our brand values in everything we do and everything we say. It’s the topic of conversation and focus from our regional project offices, to our Boardroom.

We truly know that the way we behave, connect with others and pursue our goals – our corporate DNA – is integral to our long-term success, and importantly that of our customers. Our core values are our operating mantra – AVID – Authenticity, Versatility, Innovation and Dedication – in all that we do.

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